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Bathroom Bliss


Its the little details that change your master bathroom entirely.

Taps, lighting, coloured tiles plantation or raw materials such a brass/copper lighten a bathroom and add character, making the space not just for hygiene, but a place of relaxation and a space you can appreciate for its aesthetic.

Every bathroom should be designed to make the space airy and spacious. By completing these goals, neutral colours and soft textures and surfaces will complete the task.

A very popular material used in a bathroom is concrete. A raw, soft, texture that can be manipulated and used for many features in a bathroom such as a concrete bathtub, a concrete feature wall, or a concrete basin.

Simple bathrooms is pure bliss.

Having too much going on in a bathroom can create clutter and make imperfections stand out.

Sticking with neutral colours and following suit with accessories and linen builds the sense of a light, airy space.