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Interview Series – Andrea D’Cruz


Interview Series - Andrea D'Cruz

Andrea D’Cruz has worked in the interior design industry for over 20 years and  has now risen to become the director of D’Cruz Design. Her design ethos is about the choreography of decorative elements within a space, creating meaningful and purposeful spaces with a unique and individual aesthetic. In this sit down with the talented designer, Fabio Fanuli meets with Andrea and asks a few questions about interior design and decorating in Australia.

Fabio:  What design trends have been the best and the worst over the course of the years in your opinion?

Andrea D’Cruz: The best trends in my opinion are the ones that even though they were created some time ago, still maintain a validity and relevance of style and function today.

Definitely the over use of patternisation and bold statements, have been the worst. Everything in the space screams for attention.

I believe in investing in quality pieces that you love and can treasure forever. I’m not a great believer in trends due to their connotations of a transient nature.

Fabio: Is there a defining moment for you on when your passion for interior design began Andrea?

Andrea: On reflection, rearranging my bedroom as a child every few months were the definite signs of an emerging career.

My first design/redesign project was a 10,400sqm office fitout of a leading airline company. Whilst it was a welcomed steep learning curve for a young graduate, sadly the company lost its funding and all I was left with was a large set of design and construction drawings!  I am fascinated by the work of Zaha Hadid – it’s a great example where unusual transcends brilliance!

Fabio: When you are designing the look and feel for an entire house interior, like the Fraser penthouse apartments, which room do you start with, and why?

Andrea: I start with the entry area. That’s where the journey begins. I find inspiration for the interior designs () everywhere I look – never underestimate small things that can trigger big ideas.

Antonio Citterio has a lovely architectural approach to selecting pieces for his collection. I’m also a great fan of the classics  – Saarinen, Knoll and Eames ranges.

I’ve am very fortunate to work with some amazing people and it’s been very rewarding seeing the joy they get from my work.


Fabio: Do you prefer imported designer furniture, or home grown products?

Andrea: Whilst European furniture has historically maintained a strong footprint in our industry, I do believe our homegrown talent has been rivalling this in more recent years.

Andrea and D’Cruz Design have used a selection of Australian and International pieces from the Fanuli collection in the Penthouse developments by Frasers; Central Park Apartments in Chippendale, and Beecroft Apartment.  The items include Guscio armchairs from Antonio Citterio for Flexform and the Altone Frankie Sofa designed in Australia for Fanuli.  Both properties are in NSW, Australia.