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Fanuli in Colour


Red is the colour of fire and love. It is a warm and strong-willed colour, giving confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. Assertive, confident, positive, energizing, exciting, powerful and passionate are just a few words to describe how the colour can affect the human eye. It creates something more than just a statement, it creates a feeling, an emotion, something that is usually missing in interior spaces.

Fanuli In Colour is just what you need in your life, create that emotion with our furniture!

The Boum chair by Kristalia. Fanuli loves how something as simple as adding colour to a piece of furniture can change the interiors appearance instantly.

The Zeus sofa is a sofa with character, especially when its upholstered in Red! The Zeus is ideal for public places such as VIP lounges and hotel lobbies, but when its in your home is has a forceful, intense affect on the interior, making everyone who witnesses the Zeus in your home wanting one!

The Pulp in red by Kristalia:

This chair’s stunning form consists of a single surface deliberately modelled around the shape of the human body. Strong, sturdy, yet comfortable and enveloping, this cantilever chair is a new development in recognisable contemporary design. Making it a design statement and talking point for your office, reception area, shop or perhaps even your home.

The desirable BCN stool in an eye -catching crimson colour. Making a bold statement at the DiVino Borbar in Budapest. Kristalia’s BCN stools are available in a range of options and finishes, but here at Fanuli, Crimson is our of our favourites!

The “Hang up” by Kristalia is a wall mounted clothes hanger with a sinuous shape. The Hang up is designed to protect your clothing whilst creating an art-deco feel to the space the hanger is used within your home.