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Interview with Andrea Papadakis – Head Chef of Melbourne Pasta Institution Tipo 00


Fanuli –  Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to open Tipo00??

Andreas – Tipo came along with my business partner Luke Skidmore. We worked together at Vue de Monde and after, while we both did other things, stayed in touch and brainstormed with restaurant ideas.

We both wanted a casual hospitality driven place that serves food we like to eat. As soon the pasta bar idea came along we were hooked.

Just before opening, a mutual friend Alberto Fava joined us and he is now our head chef and business partner too.


Fanuli –  Where did you grow up and what path led you to food?

Andreas – I grew up in Athens, Greece but my Dad is originally from the island of Crete and we spend most of our summer holidays at the family house there. Our family has been making olive oil, wine and growing chickens, ducks, rabbits and pigs for five generations. We were very privileged growing up with amazing produce.

I start working in a local restaurant in Athens as a kitchen hand when I was 15. Within a year I knew most of the prep and was part of the service working along the chefs.

Fanuli – A typical day at work at Tipo00 involves…

Andreas – We are usually in the kitchen by 8 am, as most of the big jobs have to be done by 11. We are open at 11:30 and do service all the way through to 10 pm. We make a big batch of gnocchi every morning all the ragu for the day and roll a lot of pasta. If there is any down-time in the afternoon we work on new ideas and organize the specials for the following day.

Fanuli – What has been one of your favourite recipes you have created?

Andreas – One of my favourite dishes that we have done at Tipo is the smoked eel carbonara. We use local smoked eel from Silverlake, fillet it and make a smoked broth from the bones. The rest is all based in the traditional carbonara with lots of pepper, fresh egg yolks and parmigiano. 

Fanuli – What projects do you have coming up?

Andreas – I am hoping to start working on a Tipo cookbook this year.


Fanuli – What do you love most about your job?

Andreas – Besides the cooking part and the adrenaline you get from a busy service, I love how hospitality is like a family.

Fanuli – Favourite Melbourne suburb? Brunch destination? Drink?

Andreas – I really like Carlton, Marion wine bar is really good for brunch starting with a Campari Spritz.


Fanuli – Place where you are most inspired?

Andreas – Fresh food markets are usually where I always get a lot of ideas. You can see what is in season and talk to producers about their products.


Fanuli – What is a lesson you have learned in the industry that you can pass on?

Andreas – It may be a cliché but hard work always pays of at the end.