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Jeremy Bull Interview – Part 1


1/ tell us a little about yourself?

I am an architecturally trained practitioner with an insatiable passion for design, social responsibility and leadership. I have 4 outrageous sons, an incredible partner who works with me and a team of inspiring humans who run the business. My own design interest gravitates toward the authentic, craft-focused and whimsical but I really love all innovative thinking that adds to the colour of the kaleidoscope.

2/ tell us how the name Alexander & CO originated?

I am convict by origin and before that of Jewish German decent. Alexander was a moniker that my Jewish ancestor used when emigrating from Germany to the UK. It has remained within our family as a middle name and is a reminder of the possibility of new beginnings and the need for resilience.

3/ where did you grow up and what path led you to study interior design?

I was born and emigrated from the Middle East when I was 6 years of age. I have always had a passion for drawing, as a child was never without a pencil. Somewhere along the journey, I think I made the commitment to myself to explore the way it could become my livelihood. Although the journey was round-a-bout, I inevitably returned to the thing that inspired me when I was so young.

4/A typical day at work at the Alexander & CO studio involves…

My days are quite structured, and divided into two parts; my external calendar and my internal calendar, this is distinct from the other members of our practice. There are various project teams within the practice and their day to day has various tempos from frenetic to quite calm and melodic. I am often in and out of our studio during the first portion of the day conducting site or client visits, before I fall into the afternoon rhythm of team and project reviews. I tend to finish my admin later in the evening after reading to my kids at home.

5/You worked for other local and established interior designers before going out on your own. How important were these learnings in fostering your personal design sensibility and kick-starting Alexander and Co.?

It is always a little hard on the various journeys through your professional experience to make sense of each job or role that precedes your present, but in reflection it seems to make sense of where I am now. What seemed like frustrations at the time are now a collection of amazing lessons, and so yes, without doubt, each experience has become a stepping stone, and continue to be. I am able to look back now with tremendous gratitude, the context of this lifetime of education now makes more sense.