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Take a Seat with Fanuli


Dining Chairs

This month we’re appreciating the art of the chair – whether it be at the dining table, in the lounge room or at the kitchen counter – and the importance of taking the time to sit back and relax. Here’s a brief look at the seating collections we offer and how they can fit in your home.

Each dining chair in our collection is graceful with clean lines and contemporary details, making them a timeless piece that’ll make your dining area look and feel elegant.

The 1085 dining chair by Kristalia is Italian made and designed in a natural leather. Both the texture and colouration is guaranteed to change year by year as it ages naturally over time, helping it to stand on its own as a truly unique piece.

The classic 1940’s armchair; The Crono by Flexform. With solid wood and curved wooden armrests, this dining chair fits perfectly into any dining setting. The hand-made weave is a stunning example of Italian craftsmanship and adds minimalist character to the framework.

The Judit dining chair conveys a sense of great composure and harmony. The padded seat goes well with large, impressive dining tables whilst offering the choice of upholstery in cotton, leather or velvet.

With its skillfully spontaneous elegance, the Mem chair’s characteristics makes this dining chair ideal for contemporary homes and commercial environments.

Lounge Chairs

Our designer lounge chairs are crafted using the highest quality fabrics, offering comfort and character, which makes them the perfect option for unwinding at the end of a long day and an ideal seating solution for your living space.

Solid wood, soft padding, curved armrests and a naturally woven back with Vienna straw… yes, you’ve guessed it right, The Agave lounge chair is back on the scene. Designed and made in Italy, this statement piece is a must have as it complements all environments with a retro touch.

The Alfie chair is an armchair made and designed by Italian brand, Bonaldo. The Alfie is renowned for its sleek, metal frame that creates a strong, visual impact. The Alfie can be upholstered in fabric and leather but no matter what finish the Alfie is in, it’ll always capture someone’s attention.

Make a statement with the Elisabeth armchair by Flexform MOOD.  Elegant and timeless, it’s perfect for lounging around or reading a book.

The Frankie lounge chair combines clean minimal lines with high quality cushioning for a piece that is aesthetically and structurally timeless.


Versatile, bold and practical dining stools are hard to find. Here are a few designer stools that we believe are suited for everyday use in residential and commercial environments.

Dynamic and original. The BCN Slide base stool is ideal for every scenario, whether its a casual drink by the bar, or enjoying a breakfast bowl in the comfort of your own home, the BCN is everything you need in your life.

Beautifully charming and made completely out of timber sourced from the canals of Venice, the Brichello stools are a statement piece for any space. These stools are a personal favourite as the Brichello adds character and sophistication to its environment.

The Feelgood stool by Flexform makes everyone feel good!  The low back is designed to create a sense of elegance and comfort, supporting the lower lumbar with a generous curve shape.

Futuristic yet sophisticated best describes the Colander stool by Kristalia. With its light, durable painted aluminium frame, the Colander can add a retro feel without being over the top. A perfect fit for all contemporary interiors.