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New in store: Paper Clay Decorative Accessories

Italian ceramicist Paola Paronetto Cartocci collection of paper clay objects has grown over time and most recently has introduced new, oversized bottles and bowls. The line gets its unique texture from adding paper pulp and fibre to the ceramic mixture, giving each piece a delicate and tactile quality that screams fragile.

Available at Fanuli, the Cartocci series includes pieces that are pure white or in colour, adorned with gold or bright colourful rectangles, built with plain or with textured segments, all with their distinctive look that makes any observer want to reach out and touch them.

The sculptures are always different from one another, each a unique piece with a strong personality. Completely handmade with a long complex procedure, they can vary in size and shape during the creative process as any eventual differences are to be seen as an added value, proving their exclusiveness.

During this year’s Maison&Objet design exhibition in Paris, Paola presented the new additions to her collection, each resembling an organic form however also much evolved from her earlier work through the use of stronger colours such as solid yellow, as well as blues and greens. This new personality is also contrasted by black and white series, where the delicate nature of the vessels is most predominant. Like the organic forms these objects resemble, Paronetto’s work has evolved organically and harmoniously to create pottery that expresses an ethereal quality.