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Vogue Living July/August 2019 – The Power of Family


The new July/August 2019 issue of Vogue Living is a celebration of Italy, family and design. This is a particularly special edition of Vogue Living for the Fanuli family, as we have been featured alongside some of the most influential families in the world of design. We are honoured to grace the pages of such a respected publication, with 3 generations of family members representing the history and vision of the company’s founder, Giuseppe Fanuli.

From Rebecca Caratti’s editor’s letter to introduce the issue:

“On my first visit to the Fanuli store in Sydney’s Mosman, I was both awed by the luxurious collection of Italian and Australian design and struck by the familiar warmth of a loving Italian family. I was greeted with a big smile by eldest son, Fabio, and noticed his father, Giuseppe, and mother, Maria, coming in to visit their sons. Italian design culture has been so pivotal to the evolution of Australian design, so I wanted to celebrate amazing Italian design dynasties, and businesses driven by the closeness of family, both locally and internationally.”