Plana Upholstered

  • Description

    Someone once said that ‘form follows function.’ This remarkable little Plana fabric chair, designed by Kristalia, follows that dictum to a ‘t’ with its smooth, solid lines, brave planes, and delightfully refined shape. Its light padding makes it exceptionally comfortable. Its polypropylene structure is lightly padded to make it even more comfortable. This chair, with its esteemed and highly recognizable design, will not lose its powerful visual prowess even if it is not covered. It makes a bold yet minimalist statement in its design as well as its high level of comfort.    
  • Specifications:
    It can be upholstered in leather or synthetic leather, which reflect light and highlight its stiffening ribs, or in Scuba, which minimises these with its matt surface

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  • Country:

  • Designer:

    Lucidi Pevere
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