Fifty Dining Table

Designer: R.Magrini and Bluezone

Country: Italy

Finish: Aluminium with timber or glass top

Options: Extending or fixed top in several sizes

Description: Italian made and design. The Fifty table is a stunning multipurpose extension table that exemplifies current trends in modern Italian furniture design. In order to produce such a thin extendable table, (named the Fifty as its mechanism is less than 50mm)  the very latest in technological manufacturing techniques have been used. Lightweight, friendly informal elegance.
contemporary-dining-tables-fifty-1.jpgcontemporary-dining-tables-fifty-2.jpgcontemporary-dining-tables-fifty-3.jpgcontemporary-dining-tables-fifty-4.jpgcontemporary-dining-tables-fifty-5.jpgfifty0 (1)fifty1fifty2fifty7fifty8