Earth Table

  • Description

    The Earth table features a top made of resin and thousand-year old Kauri wood from New Zealand. The combination creates a stylised representation of the earth, with the wooden parts metaphorically representing the continents and the resin sections the oceans. The texture of wood and the transparency of the resin are capable of creating a fascinating interplay of light and shadow. *Please note that this is a special and unique piece designed by Renzo Piano which echoes the original design of table “Antico” for the initiative of  "Ground Zero ... Ground Heroes" in 2001.  
  • Specifications:
    Table top 160 cm diameter, 6 cm thick. On top of a metal base 69cm high.
    Base in metal. Top in solid wood and resin.

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  • Country:

  • Designer:

    Renzo & Matteo Piano
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