Fence Rug

An accomplished interior designer with a body of work that spans the globe from Europe to South-East Asia to Australia; Anna-Carin’s past and her childhood experiences have hewn a wonderful narrative for her first collection of rugs. Traditionally, nomadic rug designs were often inspired by a myth or a poem and the rug would reinforce and illustrate the story. As a modern nomad each of Anna-Carin's designs tells a story from her childhood. Each design in The Forsa Collection recounts a childhood recollection, each one abstracted and renewed. A Swedish sensibility is reflected in these Nepalese hand knotted pieces in Tibetan wool and silk. "From young, hand-barked tree trunks, my dad would make fences to separate the paddocks. It formed a rhythmic fence held together with twine. It was time consuming and hard work." - Anna-Carin  
OPTIONS: Custom sizes available FINISHES: Hand knotted wool and silk COUNTRY: Nepal DESIGNER: Anna-Carin for Designer Rugs