Lulu Uluru Sideboard

Tony’s Uluru – a grand piece. After spending many hours up close to Uluru, it was impossible not to be influenced by its presence. Many hours were spent observing the overall form - the varied shapes, hollows, flowing curves and ravines. 13 Pieces of Lulu Cooley’s Tali [sand dune] motif have been inserted into this piece. One simple curved shape has been elongated, expanded and contracted, and in places wrapped around the sideboard to emulate the shapes observed on Uluru. The piece has been finished within and on the back to help realise the mystery and full majesty of Uluru. Lulu Red is the artist’s signature colour, and, like Uluru, subtly changes with the light, reflects the changing tones noticed at different times of the day on the rock itself.
OPTIONS: Standard size; 2400 x 500 x 700mm (h) COUNTRY: Australia DESIGNER: ALTONE