Temperino stool

  • Description

    The Temperino is a stool and a bench in scented cedarwood with decorative elements in metal. The basic idea of the design is to represent an everyday object in a different guise, de-contextualising it, changing its use, altering its dimensions, creating  a "giant form" that marries functionality with a strong visual impact. Devised by a lover of drawing, eager to pay homage to the humble pencil sharpener by taking its dimensions to extremes. The form of "Temperino" (meaning pencil sharpener), is basic and at the same time harmonious, functioning naturally as a comfortable seat and a small table. Temperiono is perfect for an individualised private residence and adds character to the contract interior environment.
  • Specifications:
    Use as a stool or a bench
    Scented Cedarwood
  • Country:

  • Designer:

    Alesandro Guidolin for Riva 1920
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