Wall and TV Units


At Fanuli, we provide furniture made for style and function, including state of the art designer Wall Units and TV Units to suit the relaxed and sophisticated Australian lifestyle.

Taking time to enjoy relaxing in a beautiful home with functional storage and clean spaces, is one of life’s simple pleasures. That’s why we make luxury Wall Units and TV Cabinets that are elegant and incredibly chic perfect for all your entertainment consoles. Our modern Wall Units embody the spirit of true craftsmanship and are made using the highest quality joinery and finishes.

Fanuli Wall Units and TV Units are made both here in Australia and in some of the finest workshops in Italy. Great attention to detail is paired with a harmonious blend of craft and technology to create modular book shelves, wall mounted cabinetry and free standing credenzas in a variety of configurations  to customise your space, ideal for personal, relaxed and elegant living.

Having Fanuli Wall Units and TV Units  in your home facilitates an ease of living and comfort that only comes  from thoughtful and considered design and exceptional quality materials.  The ability to combine clean minimal lines with high quality finishes makes for storage and display solutions that are aesthetically and structurally timeless.

If it’s a media room, library, living room, lounge room, or ad-hoc space you are looking to furnish, visit the showroom or call today to experience our Wall Units and TV Units for sale.