Alexandra light

  • Description

    Inspired by traditional Venetian glass lamps, the design of the Alexandra converges into a new lighting concept. By overlapping various thin sheets of glass fiber, with ribs showing through and tracing organic patterns, an exclusive, textural object takes shape. The light then gives a sensation of weightlessness and presence at the same time, whilst the choice among different colors adds personality and potential to the design. A new concept of lamp, created by overlapping thin fiberglass sheets, giving rise to a captivating light that is both light-weight and transparent. Conceived by Enrico Franzolini, Alexandra carries this design over into the world of contract, using bigger sheets to build a lamp with a powerful theatrical presence, yet one that remains graceful and airy. This version is perfect for large settings such as hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, or dining rooms.
  • Specifications:
    Pendant lamp available in 3 sizes.
    Structure in metal. Panels in glass fibre

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  • Country:

  • Designer:

    Enrico Franzolini
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