Dragonfly sofa by Flexform Mood

  • Description

    Dragonfly is a sophisticated lounge collection Italian designed and made by Roberto Lazzeroni for Flexform Mood,  that includes a settee, armchairs, a chaise longue, a bench and a bed. The Dragonfly sofa suggests the memory of traditional furniture types, clearly visible in the large, enveloping back without armrests. The proportions of the tall back  of the Dragonfly sofa counterbalance the solid wood structure with its short legs, just slightly raised off the ground. The variety of  grosgrain borders , either in contrasting or matching colors offers an indiviual interpretation of the Dragonfly sofa as a beautiful style point for a private or contract interior environment. Manufactured by Flexform
  • Specifications:
    Also available as a settee, armchairs, a chaise longue, a bench and a bed.
    Available in fabric or leather covers, with a variety of grosgrain borders offered.

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  • Country:

  • Designer:

    Roberto Lazzeroni for Flexform Mood
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